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Rick Nelson & Associates of RE/MAX First Choice
Mission Statement

We are successful when we exceed our customer’s expectations. We are enthusiastic about excellence and endeavor to supersede standards of service, respect, care, fairness and honesty. We embrace the diversity and influence of people, ideas and cultures. We support and honor the communities that provide us with our livelihood. We are obligated to lead by example in our ideals, words and deeds. We are committed to delivering our signature experience to everyone we encounter.

Core Values

Uncompromising Honesty & Integrity
We always endeavor to do the right thing, by treating each other and our customers with respect, care, fairness and honesty. We will ethically represent our customers and our company in all encounters.

Respect for the Individual
We recognize that each person within our team as a valuable member of the team and integral to the success of the organization. We will foster open communication of organizations objectives, which we take responsibility to uphold.

Courageous Leadership
We will provide nurturing courageous leadership that is not afraid to make difficult decisions with compassion for all involved. Rick Nelson & Associates will continue to be a results-oriented company, where people are encouraged to grow and flourish, and where they are recognized for their commitment and accomplishments that better the entire organization. Together, our leadership will be relentless in our pursuit of excellence.

Absolute Interdependence
We admire value and encourage teamwork. Isolated, individual effort ultimately leads to failure, while teamwork equates to success. We are committed to working together, each part a sum of the whole. All of us contribute to the final outcome and that outcome is success.


We see the finish line at the beginning of the journey. Every action comes from and supports our core values and every action lays foundation or builds for the next action until we reach success.

We are measured by our ability to make and keep our commitments. We make all commitments based on our vision and we state our commitments to each other and our customers to foster accountability.

We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our collective company and individual professional goals based on our vision for success. We individually take ownership of all issues and we are dedicated to following them through to a successful resolution. We act as mentors, coaches, peers and partners to help each other accomplish our goals without judgment or fear of reprisal.

Personal Responsibility
As a matter of personal honor, we choose our course based on our belief in a desired outcome not based on the circumstances at hand. No matter what is occurring in the moment, our determination to maintain the appropriate attitude will determine our eventual success. We see the world with new and clear eyes knowing that our honor is our highest calling.